After many months of wrangling WordPress themes to do my bidding I set out to build one of my own. The product is a website with an established and familiar backend sporting a visual style and functional layout of my own fabrication. My goal was to build a simple, easy to navigate site that put my weblog (it still feels strange to just say “blog”) front and center but provided easy access to my work.

I started in Photoshop and laid out a template of the front page. This changed a bit when I moved to HTML and CSS but not nearly as much as I had expected, all of my front-end practice over the last year has paid off more than I could have hoped.

Inspiration: indiecade.com
Color Scheme: Gamebookers by plamenj from Colourlovers.com
Tutorial: So You Want to Create WordPress Themes Huh? from WPDesigner.com