Some of my classes have tasked me with developing small games for the Gameboy Advance and the Atari 2600. This means they are playable but require an emulator. If you’re interested, awesome! The links to the emulators are listed along with each game. If not, I entirely understand.



It’s true, I had no idea what to name this little guy. This is a game/toy for the GBA developed over the course of a semester from the ground up. No existing libraries or frameworks were used and I produced the amazing¬†art myself. The gameplay is admittedly driven by the constraints of the system and my own programming knowledge at the time.


Light Cycle

Light Cycle is an Atari 2600 game developed for LCC2700 at Georgia Tech. The goal was to build a game with a very resource-limited architecture. My team’s initial idea was inspired by Tron and developed as we discovered the capabilities of the 2600, typically from complexity to simplicity.

I served as the Light Cycle team’s programmer and learned Batari Basic as part of my work. This was a valuable experience as a game programmer because the game designers were not familiar with the platform: I was continually shooting down ideas and suggestions because of my knowledge of the platform’s limitations and affordances. The more I think about it the more I think this describes my niche well.