The Last Extinction: Earth

The Last Extinction: Earth was developed for Global Game Jam 2011 (conception to distribution in 48 hours). I was very happy to work with a group of developers from Georgia Tech. My contributions to the project included design considerations and event scripting. Although there was no judging, as in past years, our game has garnered the most views on the SPSU GGJ website.

TLE:E responds to the Jam’s theme (“extinction”) by tasking the player with holding back the apocalypse and rescuing as many people from the surface as possible. There are four ships in play, three satellites with lasers that stabilize the core and one shuttle with a tractor beam capable of rescuing people from cities and from other beacons that pop up as the destruction mounts.

I found the gameplay very satisfying and our very limited testing suggests that others do as well. The micromanagement task combined with arcade-style interactions makes it easy and fun to play. Furthermore, it is complex enough to appeal to a player just looking to burn 10 minutes or to a player looking for something to master.

Since the game jam TLE:E has received a little bit of polish and is now posted on Kongregate for all to play!