Sync is “a game of mimicry” centered on the idea of imitating a simple but dynamic artificial intelligence. Two players alternate between roles of imitator and inspector, both attempting to decipher the nature of the AI and identify human behaviors.

Sync is, originally, a product of LCC4725 Game Design as a Cultural Practice at Georgia Tech. Our team (myself, Joe Maliski, Cameron Luck, David Dudley, Ben Chapman, and Jacob Paul) followed an iterative development process which included relatively extensive play testing and development reviews.

There are plans to continue development with several major features in store. These include networked multiplayer (using, in all likelihood) and a single-player mode (either arcade-style or a story of some sort). We are very excited about exploring this concept further.

My role in Sync’s ongoing development is as a programmer. I developed the earliest prototypes using Flixel 2.43 and implemented many major features including a basic level designer and practice mode (both products of playtesting).