Hey there, my name is Nathan Bailey. I am a 22 year old student at Georgia Tech finishing a program called “computational media.” What that means is that I am learning to design and develop interactive experiences. My particular pursuit is to make those experiences both engaging and uplifting. I endeavor to build interfaces and mechanics that are easy and fun to use, meet a need of some sort, and take advantage of modern technological affordances. I have worked on games, websites, browser extensions, and other applications.

My beautiful wife, Lori, is an industrial designer (she designs products, not factories). Her dedication to beautiful, well-made products inspires my work to a great extent. The world is full of poorly built things, many of them in landfills. Although everything I develop can be safely discarded, I value the time invested by users/players into my work and strive to make it beneficial.

Please get in touch with me via one of the methods below for any questions about me or my work, collaboration requests, etc. Thank you so, so much for spending some time on my website. God bless!

Email: nathanaelbailey@gmail.com
Phone: (404) 543-6192