Vacation! Time to write!

Posted on May 8, 2011

Here I am, sitting on my family’s couch watching the Braves and being generally unproductive. That’s fine, really; it’s ok to not be making something happen at every waking moment. Strangely, it’s not doing it for me right now. I have nothing keeping me from working on the personal projects I’ve been poking a stick at for the past few months. There is no schoolwork waiting on me, I have the week off from work, dear Lori is in Chicago, and I’m not even in my own home to tidy up. Why is it that it’s most difficult to be productive in times like these? Likely because I’m stunningly lazy. At any rate, writing seemed like something I could apply myself to and my blog has absolutely been neglected in the past weeks. I’m not sure if this is going to be straightforward or more of a brain dump. Uncertainty! Adventure!


One of my classes this semester, LCC4725 Game Design as a Cultural Practice, entailed developing a Flash game with a team of classmates. The outcome for me and my team was Sync, a game centered on the notion of mimicry. We wanted to create a two-player game that called upon one player to identify and mimic patterns behavioral patterns of on-screen units; the second player is tasked with identifying the first. I’m not going to say much more than that because I really should do a proper postmortem. That’s not to say the project is dead, there is interest amongst my teammates to continue development. You can give it a play in its current form on Kongregate.

Summer Conference

Reformed University Fellowship’s summer conference begins tomorrow! I’ll be leaving home with my brother and a mutual friend from high school in tow. It’ll be a long drive that will likely involve some wonderful Atlanta traffic. Panama City Beach is a worthy reward! There will be a swarm of Yellow Jackets there this year and it’s sure to be a raucous and encouraging week. I’m excited about the seminars I’m signed up to participate in and getting to spend more time with friends from Tech.

Lori is in Chicago

Hey, look! Another marriage-tagged post! As I’ll be away at summer conference, Lori is taking this week to visit her good friend and maid-of-honor Margo in Lincoln Park, Chicago. This is the greatest time and distance to separate us since, well, since we met. It was difficult to say goodbye at the airport (she also flew alone for the first time) but I’m thankful for the opportunity for her. I’m praying that she will return refreshed and renewed: theirs is the sort of friendship that seems to rejuvenate them both.

I’ve also posted another paper/blog post from the LCC4725 blog below. This time it’s a design reflection on our semester project (Sync, as you know). My role in development was as a programmer and I took the chance to note how design and programming meshed over the course of the semester, perhaps you’ll find it interesting. As always, thanks for reading and God bless.