Winter!… Winter?

Posted on February 11, 2011

Right, so. This morning my wife (using the voice that says “I know this isn’t reasonable right now, but seriously”) asked me “Can we move somewhere with weather that isn’t crazy?” Kirk Mellish had just announced that we would see 70-degree temperatures before the end of February, leaving us feeling like the playthings of Georgia’s often-baffling weather.

Fortunately, the high in Forsyth, GA tomorrow is a compromising 57 degrees. This is a big deal because this weekend is RUF’s Winter Conference! That means leaving tonight to drive down to Camp Kaleo for worship, teaching, and fellowship (a.k.a. dodgeball) with other students from around the southeast. Unfortunately, I’ll be joining the students from Emory in doing schoolwork during our free time, but even that counts as something special. RUF Conferences are always fun and encouraging and I am thankful for the chance to escape from Atlanta for a time: my lungs tire of smog.